Friday, May 25, 2012

Better technology for better healthcare

Apple has just released a compelling video profile that examines the impact of mobile technology on patient care at Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), the world’s largest private healthcare organization.

You can click here to watch the video and read the profile. You may also click here to download the video from iTunes.
The video and accompanying profile point to specific platforms and applications that help physicians deliver better, faster treatment to millions of patients. From the profile:

Specialized obstetric and cardiac applications help deliver healthy babies, initiate immediate treatment for cardiac emergencies, and explain procedures to patients, while other healthcare apps enable doctors to manage and review patient data as they make their rounds.
“It’s amazing to look back at how technology has changed, and how it has changed medicine in the process,” says Dr. José Soler, a cardiologist at Northwest Medical Center in Margate, Florida. “Once you start using this technology, it becomes indispensable. Mobile medicine is here.”
I have used this blog to present information and evidence that show how the targeted use of mobility solutions can confront the challenges faced by the healthcare industry, which is undergoing a historic shift in the patient care model. In future posts I will continue to present real-life examples of mobility’s impact.
The bottom line: lives can be saved when clinicians have anywhere/anytime access to information presented in a visually compelling manner that supports faster, more informed and better coordinated decision-making.
For now, the new Apple case study is a thoughtful look at how a healthy dose of mobility can give providers a strategic patient care advantage.